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Linda Bacon, PhD

Scientist, author, and highly acclaimed motivational speaker, Dr. Bacon is changing lives through her life-altering keynotes and workshops, revolutionizing how people think about bodies.

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Judith Matz

Judith is known for her engaging, entertaining style and her compassionate voice. She speaks at national/international conferences and workshops, and participants describe her work as "transformative"

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Michelle May, M.D., CSP

Michelle May, M.D., author and highly-rated Certified Speaking Professional, delivers her transformative and timely message about mindful eating with credibility, authenticity, humor, and insight.

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Marci Evans

Marci is an internationally recognized and sought after speaker in the field of eating disorders and HAES.

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Sarah J. Thompson

Sarah Thompson is an engaging and informative speaker. They are an ED recovery coach, Certified Body Trust® Provider, consultant, writer, and advocate. HAES, IE, and social justice are top priorities.

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Dawn MacLaughlin, PhD

Dr. Dawn, author of the book "Food Fight!", is a transformational speaker who shares openly about her own journey to break free of dieting while encouraging her audiences to walk that path to freedom.

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